Our Commitment
...To Our Customers.
...To Our Quality.
...To the Environment.

Our Customers Clearly Come First.

Cisaplast USA’s company culture ensures that we are always striving to satisfy our client’s needs and develop solutions unique to their specific challenges. We foster an environment of continuous improvement. This philosophy empowers our associates to identify potential improvements in production or processes. This drives any needed change to ensure a better product and competitive advantage for our customers.

Added Benefits:

  • Our operation is nimble and responsive.
  • We offer personalized service.
  • Our lead times beat industry standards.
  • Our quality is unmatched.
  • We are price competitive.
  • Our team has vast industry knowledge.
  • We are Made in the USA.
  • We stand behind our products.
  • 1 year warranty for parts and labor
  • 10 year warranty on glass seal
  • 3 year warranty on lighting
We are committed to our customers.

Let us show you why we are the clear choice for your door needs.

Sourcing the Highest Quality Materials.

Our products are produced and assembled in America to exacting quality specifications. This starts with sourcing the highest quality raw materials from market leading providers. Glass is a major component of our door systems and, to maintain perfect product performance, we partner with a range of glass specialists. Similarly, we source and produce a variety of critical accessories domestically and globally.

We are committed to quality materials.

Direct sourcing guarantees availability of the materials that we need to keep your programs moving, regardless of intermittent supply chain issues. By benchmarking commodity pricing globally, we can maintain consistently competitive pricing across market fluctuations.

As a mid-sized, entrepreneurial operation, our constant monitoring of global markets provides access to innovations both in our industry and other retail sectors. This visionary outlook incorporates the best of technological advances and forward thinking.

Clearly Committed to Protecting Our Environment.

Cisaplast USA is committed to manufacturing in an environmentally friendly way. Our goal is to eliminate waste in production while delivering solutions that enrich energy efficiency and sustainability.

We are constantly examining how we source, manufacture, distribute, use, and recover our resources.

  • Our production planning teams utilize local resources and explore sustainable alternative products.
  • We are exploring new VFD (variable frequency drives) to maximize energy usage.
  • We employ cardboard from recycled materials.
  • We installed updated energy-efficient LED light fixtures throughout production and office locations for an improved environment and to reduce costs.
Redesigned Workflow
We are committed to the environment.

Our 'no waste' policy applies to the following:

  • We recycle all cardboard, metal, and glass.
  • Plant has been designed for lean concept workflow which eliminates double handling and streamlines production flow.
  • Shipping crates are constructed to provide structural stability while minimizing material weight to lower shipping cost.
  • Use of technology for instant connectivity and decisions in real-time.

Ensuring The Future of Our Planet.