Our superior products are designed and fabricated with food safety and energy efficiency in mind. Our product offering covers all refrigeration and freezer door needs:

  • Reach-in, Walk-in, Surface Mounted, Beer Cave
  • A wide range of viewing window sizes
  • Normal temperature, low temperature, high-humidity
  • 3-pane gas filled or 3-pane gas filled with double low E – 1 ¼” insulated glass units
  • Customization available.

A Clear Advantage

Creating a comfortable, inviting, and safe shopping experience for consumers will continue to be a differentiator for food retailers. And while consumers are seeking increased fresh food offerings, refrigeration displays typically account for the largest energy consumption in grocery stores. Cisaplast satisfies this growing customer need while mitigating operating expense.

Full View Doors
LED lighting

Our high-performance products are designed to lessen overall energy costs and lower carbon footprints. Our precision engineered doors control temperature and humidity. And our doors are designed with the consumer in mind – offering full view of the inventory, making selection easier and reducing open/close browsing and temperature loss. Additionally, we ensure durability and performance with extensive product testing before we go to market.

We Are Made in America.

Located in Elkton, Kentucky, we are proud to be an American manufacturer. With 125,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space we are equipped to support all client production and shipping needs. Our central location easily supports transit across the US.

Committed to our employee partners and community, our company culture is one of care, creativity and compassion.

Made In USA
Job Training

We provide job-skills training to encourage professional growth.

Work Life Balance

We believe in creating an environment that provides a work-life balance.

Inspire team member contributions

We promote innovation to inspire team member contribution.