The Clear Choice For Your Refrigeration Door

Cisaplast USA is the premier manufacturer of glass doors for the commercial refrigeration industry. Our products are developed for use by refrigeration producers, retailers, and food service companies.

We support our customers’ offering with superior quality refrigerator and freezer doors that maintain the precise temperatures and humidity levels necessary to ensure food freshness and safety. Additionally, our doors are designed and manufactured with quality materials to maximize energy efficiency and product visibility.

Thermal Protection Against Condensation

Thermal Protection
Against Condensation

Maximum Product Visibility

Maximum Product

Quality Materials and Manufacturing

Quality Materials
& Manufacturing

Our Doors Are Clearly Superior

Cisaplast USA doors feature:

  • Thermal protection against condensation.
  • Insulated glass to maintain temperature and humidity control.
  • Air-tight sealing to protect against temperature loss.
  • Tempered glass for added strength and safety.
  • High-performance seals and gaskets to minimize energy consumption.
  • Insulated perimeter frames with front-access raceways for easy maintenance.
  • Rigorous product testing to ensure dependability – tested to ½ million door swings.
  • LED lighting reduces energy consumption.
  • 12 month warranty for parts and labor.
  • 10 year warranty on glass seal.
  • EISA and DOE compliant.

Superior Quality. Superior Performance.

You Can Find Our Products Across the U.S.



Cisaplast refrigerator and freezer doors can be found in over 3,000 grocery and convenience stores.


Mass Merchant

Our doors are in the frozen food aisles of leading mass merchant retailers across the country.


Parts Network

Cisaplast USA is aligned with the industry’s largest contractor network to supply OEM and replacement parts.